Air Vacuum Valves


Size RangeDN25mm – DN100mm
Manufacturing StandardAPI2000
Pressure Class0.4 – 20bar
Temperature Range-10°C – 60°C
Materials of ConstructionSuper duplex, Titanium, Stainless Steel, 6MO, Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel, Aluminium bronze

Frenstar offer Air Valves from our dedicated factory to the finest quality.

Our UK manufactured Air valves are tailored for the global oil and gas, petrochemical & marine sectors. The materials available are compliant and offer outstanding protection for severe offshore environments and seawater service. We utilise UK foundries that are NorsokM-650 approved and any raw materials are from within the UK / EU.

  • Single function (Air Release)
  • Bi functional (Vent & Vacuum)
  • Tri functional (Combination)

Valves are customisable with options such as a variable throttle device to give adjustable venting control, inflow and outflow check device for one-way airflow and flanged outlet for piping away facility.

Why use air valves?

Air release valves are used in pressurized pipe work systems to vent off unwanted air within them. Trapped air rises and collects within the high points of the system. As air vented water fills the valve, raising the float until the valve seat is pushed back against the orifice closing it off from atmosphere again.