TAQA – Tern Alpha Return to Drilling 38 Off Rubber Lined CL. 150 WCB / AB2 & CF8M

About TAQA  – Tern Alpha

Tern Alpha is a fixed installation serving as a manned drilling and production installation for the Tern field in block 210/25 in the East Shetland Basin of the northern North Sea. It also serves as a production facility for the Hudson, Kestrel, Falcon and Cladhan fields.

  • Field discovery: April 1975. / Date of construction: 1988.
  • The facilities are equipped for up to 175 personnel.
  • Installation structure: The installation consists of a 4-legged steel jacket sub-structure, anchored by piles to the seabed.
    The Module Support Frame (MSF), which is an 8-legged structure attached in one piece to the jacket, acts as a base support for two levels of modules.


The Tern Alpha return to drilling project RFQ was initially for c130 valves rubber lined and high performance. However the final package delivered by Frenstar included 38 pieces delivered in 4 weeks.

Image courtesy of TAQA  – Tern Alpha


The client was satisfied with performance in delivering valves on time within 4 week lead time and follow on packages are currently ongoing for this end user.

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